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Lightforce Lance


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Hi, I've been looking for some new driving lights for my series 1 and i've short listed these light force ones http://www.johncraddockltd.co.uk/series/series-1/accessories/lights/hid140-t-light-force-driving-light-lance-140mm-12v-35w-remote-ballast-5000.html i've never bought the brand before though, so was just wondering if anyone had any opinions before i take the plunge. I've bought so many cheaper ones in the past that haven't lasted very long and haven't been great quality that I don't mind paying the extra, any suggestions appreciated.

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Lightforce make some of the *best lights on the market - I used to have some, though not HID.

* They were very bright, but I found they had too much of a pencil beam. Great for lighting up something a mile away, but not so good to show you the big hole you are about to put a wheel in!

I used them with diffusers which were a huge improvement, but it rather removed the point of them!

They are exceptionally well made over all, but I broke one of the mounting brackets and was surprised to say the least how much a replacement cost - it was about half the price of a complete light (in my case). Replaced it, then broke both of them! Decided to cut my losses & err, well I made some instead!


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They are Australian origin , and they have a very good reputation , and were very high performers. Been around for about 25yrs now.

The longrange (pencil beams) , are for spotting roos etc a long way ahead when you are traveling fast at night , as that's the best way of avoiding them. If you are looking for something that shows up holes and how deep they are you want a high mounted light set back behind the windscreen that doesn't cause glare on bonnet. Which is the different light requirement altogether .

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