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Winch runs nonstop as soon as connected to power - any ideas on how to

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Here's the short of it.

My winch stopped working.
I disassembled the electric motor, cleaned it all, and got it running separate from the solenoids and spool.

I re-inserted the motor into the spool, and it would still run when "hotwired" (jump A to F1, power to F2, etc.).

Then, once I reconnected the solenoid array and put it all back together, I connected the winch to power, just like normal and final installation.

When doing this, the winch runs continuously, no matter what. It doesn't matter if I'm in free spool or engaged.

I've heard about "welded solenoids," but I know little.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
(10 year old Warn xd9000i)
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"welded solenoids" are where the powerful electric current used by winches has heated the terminals of the solenoid so much that they melt together (when welding the high current is intentionally used to melt the welding material and metal together, hence the term ).
Solution is to replace the solenoids, but if you are in a jam when they weld then a sharp blow with a hammer to the solenoid might free them temporarily (if the have welded once the will probably weld again), but it might also destroy the solenoid but you have nothing really to loose when in a jam.

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