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Need some wheel nuts to fit wheel spacers

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Ages back when moving house I managed to lose a bag containing some of the wheel nuts for my wheel spacers. Luckily I still have a couple to use as reference, but I decided to dig the spacers out of the shed as I'd like to make use of them again.

Anyone got any ideas where I can source something suitable? I've tried a lengthy Google and Ebay search and not really found anything suitable.

They fit a 24mm socket and IIRC you needed a high quality slim socket to actually fit in the holes in the spacers.

I know hubcentric spacers are the norm with the additional flange, but these where all that were available in 2004.... and they seemed to work fine.

Here are some pics of the spacers and the nuts I need:







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So they are a 16mm Metric thread with a 1.5mm pitch, and a coned end, thus standard wheel nuts, for something.

I recall that 16mm was the standard from 'late S2A' onwards; certainly S3 onwards, until the heavier models became standard, like the D1 possibly, 38A, D2, etc.

24mm AF is the (slightly incorrect) socket sizing in common use for the earlier S2A stud, of 9/16 diameter.

The later S2A and S3 versions using a 5/8" (16mm) stud, and nuts with a 27mm AF dimension.

So I suggest what you have is something that will fit a standard Land Rover wheel stud of the S3 / 90 era. Will it?

Can you try a standard wheelnut from that era, just to prove the point?

I confess that at this point I was going to pull a rabbit out of the hat, but the ears slipped out of my grasp as Mr Tee doesn't go above 9/16" diameter. I've provided the link as a phone call may elicit a useful response, either as a special, or with a forward reference to another company.


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Yep the studs on the spacers are a match to standard Land Rover studs (90/Disco, etc). So the nuts for the spacers work fine on the hub studs.

But the holes in the spacers (when you fit to a vehicle), are small, so you have to use these nuts to thread onto the vehicles studs.

Attaching a wheel to spacer is no problem as standard Landy steel wheel nuts work. But they are physically too large to fit in the holes to secure the spacers to the vehicle.

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