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New radio won't fit.


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Why won't my new radio fit into the radio slot in the dash of the 200 Disco?

I spent ages with the soldering iron making the connections and faffing as usual but when it came to actually slotting it in, it goes in but sticks out by 2 inches, don't go in any further at all and I don't want to push too hard, tried pulling the wires back to let it slot in but not budging at all :(

Any ideas? Anyone else had the same?

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Yes, back in 1995 when I tried to fit an updated Pioneer head unit into my RR which has the same position as the early discos, the original factory unit was an imperial size so slightly smaller.

Removing the carpet at the base of the slot and being clever with putting the wiring away at the rear of the unit and then with hard push it stayed locked fully in, only to be removed two years later when I sold the RR, and reinstalled in my disco just a few years ago linked to a new Pioneer multi CD player.

If you "don't want too push hard" forget it as the the only way.

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I gave up trying to get a radio to fit, even brute strength and ignorance failed, the replacement unit just sits there, malevolently proud of the console reminding me that I actually hate the Disco with a passion that is indescribable. I did consider buying a wee head unit with an iPod socket that is much smaller than a standard head unit and doing away with musical beer mats in perpetuity, but as I have a steam driven iPod...

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Been busy with the measuring stick, the bare radio doesn't even fit let alone with the plugs in the back!!

I know my mate Paul fitted his into the glove box under the dash but never knew why? Guess I do now :(

Wondering whether to make a bit of a mod to my dash?

Idea so far is to remove the manifold thing behind the center dash vents and open up the slot enough to fit the radio and then a bit of creativity with some left overs from the dash recovering to trim it off as presentable.

Not sure it would work but at least there would be a nice spot in the center for switches ;)

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Yes, I have been here :lol: with the RRC.

I struggled to get my new Alpine head unit in there, but careful positioning of the wires, removal of any sound deadening, and infinite cursing, I got it fitted.

That was quite a few years ago now, so memories are faded, apart from the cursing bit :angry:

These days some slim line (depth) head unit exist, as said above, and they do away with this whole stressful problem.

Who'd have thought that current tech would fix a 25 year old problem!

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