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lt230 hot, bothered, & a bit smelly

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Hi all.

Last weekend I lugged 3t of solar panels and batteries to a battle reenactment ('cause the middle ages were absolutely riddled with solar panels), and I noticed on the way back that there's more noise than usual from the drive train.

I stopped in a service station, and found the transfer box was bloody hot (far hotter than the r380 or diffs), oily as hell, and stinking of ep90. Initial (And incorrect) thoughts were that the front bearing was shot, as there was oil coming back from it. However, having spent a lot of today sweraing at it, interspersed with banging my knuckles, it seems that the bearing is fine. Turns smoothly, no noise etc. but there's probably 1/8th of a turn of play with the diff lock on, and some funny feelings/noises that come free of charge.

What might it be, and will I have to take the lot out? I'm guessing I will, and I don't want to. At all.

What with fitting a new roofrack, fixing the winch controls, freeing up the not-very-freespool, correcting all the awful wiring bodges and helicoiling the hub flange bolts that the previous clown owner had snapped and SILICON SEALANTED THE BROKEN BIT BACK IN (On three different wheels!!!!!! :blink::rtfm: ) I've got my work cut out to have it ready to tow said solar rig again Sunday week... Arrgh!

Anyone know anyone near Brighton that'll rebuild a transfer box at short notice?



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I've changed all four UJs to GKN HD jobs within the last two months, so hopefully it's not that! Didn't stop me wiggling them around to check though... thankfully still ok.

The oil seems to be coming from somewhere up in the valley/gap between the front output and the rest of the box.

I suppose that a 2nd hand one would be fine, if I can sort one in time, good call.

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I got it rebuilt in the end, removed and refitted by CR Allen in Peacehaven last week, and I have to say they were exceptional! They got it in as an emergency job, found someone who would rebuild it in the time allowed, hurried it in on monday morning (Only a little after I phoned them) and got it back to me on friday. Absolutely spot on, saved my bacon, really highly recommended bunch. Had a good oggle at my XR4x4 as I left too, so men of taste to boot!

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