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Help needed for CV Joint Identification

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Hi, All,

I've got a failed half-shaft and CV- still, and I need help identifying the correct items to order. The problem is that none of the supplier parts seem to match the item that I've removed.

The vehicle is a 1991 110 CSW that started life with a 3.5V8 in middle east tune. It has front discs and rear drums. The front axle no. is 21L233930, which makes it an "early" one. The half-shaft I have removed has 10/32 splines and the CV has 32/24 splines. All I can find are references to 33 spline on the CV for my axle number.

Do I have a half-shaft and CV from a different axle? If so, what one?

If I order part no FRC3890 (Defender 110 1987 onwards Parts Manual, p.414, Item 1) will/should it fit my axle?

Many thanks, in advance, to anyone who can clear the fog!


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Yeah it looks like you've got a different CV to the original spec. I believe the 32/24 is a later type that have a machined face on the outside of the ball housing to engage on a set of needle bearings on the inside of the stub axle, the earlier type didn't have the roller bearing in the stub and just relied on a brass bush.

A photo would confirm this or if it looks like this one (ignore the "teeth" on the edge that's for the ABS sensor).


If the CV has been changed you might have the narrow type drive flange as well... a photo of that would confirm too.

The genuine ones all have something stamped on them if they are big branded.

I don't think FRC3890 will fit as that's a 23 spline shaft...

I'm impressed you managed to even read the axle number, the early number stamped ones seem to hold it longer but the ones with the digi dot stamping seem to disappear pretty quickly.

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Many thanks, both, for your replies. I've taken some photos, probably far more than you need, but I'd rather it that way than the other.

The CV is stamped on the body with the following:

"Hardy Spicer Ltd. GB GKN A098C3027 EMA2 02 12 6 91 B"

In the above stamping I don't know if they are zeros or alpha "O"s.









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ok, I'm borderline pulling my hair out with this one. I do now think it was the original CV for the vehicle. I've found other V8's of the period with the same set-up.

Now the confusing bit... depending on what website you go to you get different stories...

RTC6862 - CV JOINT 32 TEETH HALFSHAFT DEF http://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/209728/0/cv_joint_32_teeth_halfshaft_def

RTC6862 - CV Joint 33 Spline (Britpart) RTC6862 http://www.island-4x4.co.uk/joint-spline-britpart-rtc6862-p-1049.html

BUT there are 2 "main" lengths of CV joints, the 213mm length which uses the later "thin" drive flange, and the earlier 242mm length CV that is used with the thick drive flange (which you have). This picture illustrates it quite nicely. http://www.lrparts.net/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/470x/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/k/a/kam301-1.jpg

So to conclude, I'd get it touch with Britcar and see if there version of RTC6862 is actually 32 splined and get one of them...

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