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What bits to keep?


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So I've just done a rear axle swap on the family hack (1993 Disco) due to the old axle case being rotten around all the brackets and the actual case getting thinner than is healthy, so what bits should I be keeping (half shafts and diff being the obvious bits). Brake callipers are probably way past their best, but other than that there must be something else worth keeping, but what?

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Well this is the salvage list (not that I'm a hoarder of useless bits):

2 half shafts

1 diff

1 stub axle

2 hubs

4 locknuts

2 drain/filler plugs

the bolts that hold the stub axles to the casing

them stupid 12 pointed bolts that hold the discs on (forever buggering them up)

drive member bolts

oh and I don't know why but the studs and nuts that hold the diff in place

The wife thinks that perhaps I may have lost the plot this time, think she may just be correct!

just took a slitting disk to the axle casing and the bugger was down to about 1.5mm thick out board of the diff (long half shaft side). I knew it was getting thin but....

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