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110 Brake Upgrade

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I am rebuilding a 110 from a project that got abandoned.

It was was originally a 2.5NA but I hope to fit a tdi. I am currently installing the brake system and am looking to fit all new components that require seals. Master Cylinder (M/C), rear brake cylinders, new front calliper's (vented). The original system is a basic two pipe M/C with a T in front to share for front callipers.

What I am wondering if it is worth upgrading to a later design of say the 300 or Td5 style.

The 300 has a 3 pipe MC with one going to each. ie 1 left, 1 right, 1 rear.

Is there any advantage going to a later system? (I plan to keep drums on the rear with a view to fit discs some time later).

I probably will need another servo to go with the later M/C which is a bit more expensive, but if after all this, would there be any improvement?

Or must I keep the system that was designed with the year of vehicle.


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You don't *have* to keep the old braking system, you can upgrade it if you want...even go all the way to ABS if you really want.

The only thing to be wary of is how long is it going to be before it gets into use? The seals won't like sitting dry for any great length of time, so either bleed it all up as soon as you fit it, or wait until the engine and gearbox are in and you're seeing completion before you fit them

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