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Driving my first Land rover


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Hello! This is my first post, hopefully not the last :)

I have just picked up my first landy, a 2007 tdci 2.4 defender. As its a LOT different from my previous car (clio 1.2 petrol) can any give me useful tips for driving it, i.e what sort of rev range band should i am for? Also, until i get full out n about going off road how and how often should i use the low range box to keep it from seizing

Cheers for any help

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I like you was nervous when I first got my Land Rover but in time it will all become familiar. Good idea to use diff lock from time to time to check it engages and disengages easily, but low box should not be a problem.

Don't worry about revs, if it stalls no problem and if you rev too much you will hear it more!

Don't forget the hand brake as it is not like a normal car. It is a transmission brake and might do damage to something especially if you are in low.

Check all your oil levels, axles, gearboxes, power steering, clutch, brakes and engine.... Grease the props...

All the answers are here on the forum.... use site:lr4x4.com in your search in google as it works better than the forum search.

Have fun..... :-)

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welcome, You are in a totally different world of driving from a clio , there is no rev band its a diesel turbo , you use torque not bhp(revs) , lots of revs is pointless. You will get a feel for what achieves the best progress, also its a lot heavier so when it moves in any direction there is a lot more momentum involved , which when developed can be difficult to arrest . Re low range . and difflock lever just exercising it will suffice , and prevent seizing. The gear trains are all in the same box .

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Welcome to the world of landrovers. Accept that it has "character", can go anywhere, others tend to keep their distance.

If in doubt or curious about anything just ask someone here will always know something and if someone has some duff info (like mine below maybe) a more wise yoda will arrive shortly

Don't use the difflock on Tarmac (not sure if the tdci has one...)

That engine has loads or torque but the gear ratios are I believe a little low but there are many companies offering a transfer box high ratio change to improve motorway cruising. Ashcrofts transmissions being the best well known I know about for landrover transmissions (nope I have no affiliation but have been a well served customer in the past)


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I would expect it's think ahead a little bit more. change up early, say goodbye to over 4,000 rpm, accept that cornering is order of magnitudes different and enjoy cruising and the driving view. :-) Welcome.

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I've had more than one 2.4 Tdci....

Take your time on the gear changes, it's a small truck based on a design that goes back decades not a Eurobox. I think you will find the 6 speed gearbox is fine, it offers more relaxed cruising without modifications over earlier models. Treat the clutch with respect, the springs can start to rattle as they wear and become loose, there have been several versions of the unit in an attempt to overcome the problem but new models can still suffer. Keep an ear open for the EGR valve becoming noisy on engine shut down or use, some have found these valves troublesome but I never had problems with the 2.4's I've had.

If you intend to keep the vehicle thing about getting some corrosion protection on the chassis & bulkhead etc.

Regarding going off road, I'm not sure of your location but remember a vehicle capable of going off road does not mean you can hit the dirt where ever you fancy ;)

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