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Have newer Freelander's improved


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Hi folk,

Currently have an 04 Diesel Freelander with 105k on clock with BMW engine. All doing fine except for age related issues such as rear windows not working, and recently passed MOT, etc.

I only use it at weekends so don't mount up many miles, at most 3,000 a year but useful when wife takes it to horsey stuff.

All the press and comments on this forum suggested that newer versions are not reliable, engine problems, etc. have these improved since Landrover was taken over and therefore I shouldn't have any issues in buying a newish model , say 4 years old?

Or should I just run mine until it becomes too expensive to repair as I appreciate the engine should be fine for a while yet,

Any experience of the newer models would be appreciated,



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The Freelander 2 is a totally different car. I sold my FL1 and bought a 2010 model nearly two years ago and it has been fantastic - so much more power, and so much better to drive.

I went for the 2010 model because that's when they changed the Haldex system (4-wheel drive system) which had been a bit unreliable on earlier models.

The 2.2 litre TD4 is no relation to the BMW TD4, and is, I believe, a Ford-Peugeot engine used in millions of cars and vans - hence ultra reliable, and service parts (filters, brakes, etc) are also cheap.

The only downside is it's very tight under the bonnet, and anything serious (eg clutch) is an engine out job - so not cheap.

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