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Does steel dowels in TD5 mean 15P engine?

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I have done a bit of s search and haven't found a definitive answer so here's my question...

I have ascertained that this vin:

salldba572a628811 falls into the era of metal head dowels, but does that mean it is 15P, or is that not necessarily the case?

The vin decoder suggests a build date of 29/11/01.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy this truck, but I'd be happier knowing it has the 15P on board.

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Thanks Steve.

Yeah I read about the 2002 model being where the change happened, but I won't be in front of the motor til next week and I don't have the engine number yet, only the vin.

I'm hoping it's the late engine, as I'm scared enough of the TD5 as it is!

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Right. Ive found that my vin sits within the range that would have originally had plastic dowels, but the workshop manual states need to be replaced with steel. Earlier vin must NOT or the head can crack.

Does that give further clues as to whether 10p or 15p?

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I know what you mean Anderzander. I'm not chasing the later engine for any reason other than trying to avoid potential future expense.

I'm already very keen on the motor, it's pretty tidy and has desirable extras like tree sliders and a pto driven winch. It's just passed a doe (irish commercial roadworthiness test) and is not an expensive truck. But there lies the problem- if something seems to be too good to be true...

I can afford (barely!) the couple of grand for a working machine, but I won't have funds left to put right serious engine issues that might be lurking below the tidy exterior.

Maybe I'm getting overly hung up on the 10p/15p thing, but being as it's seemingly right on the changeover, it's hard not to!

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