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Series 3 2.5 n/a diesel hunting then dies


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I'm new to this forum and i own 1981 series 3 which I've had for a while now,

It has the 2.5 n/a Sherpa diesel which was running fine and was recently rebuilt by the previous owner.

I took the fuel filter out for clean and reinstalled it, and went for a good 30 mile run , and everything was fine, although when i came back i was fairly low on fuel.

I went to get some diesel, and just as i entered the garage it started hunting and idled at a slightly higher rpm i managed to go a couple of miles, until it lost all power and cut out, i couldn't get it going on the side of road so i towed it home. And it being a Land Rover, it fired up as soon as i got it back home.

I though it might have something to do with the bleed screw on top of the filter which has two pipes running into it, one to drain back into the tank, and the other back from the injectors. When i swapped them round it seemed to have made a difference, so i bravely drove out again and managed to get about 3 miles away and it was hunting again and died.If i unscrewed the bleed screw quite a lot of diesel came out under pressure and if i did it back up again and with a lot of cranking it would fire up until it happens again another couple of miles or so later.

Any ideas to what the problem could be? I can only imagine its something to do with the fuel system.

Sorry if its a bit long winded, but i didn't want to miss out any details

I appreciate your help, Matthew

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I've had the same symptoms from my diesel.

It was fixed by cleaning the small cylinder gause filter which is inside the fuel tank. There was a lot of crud on it, effectively blocking it.

I also tightened up all the fuel system fittings from the fuel tank all the way forward to the injectors as it seemed to suck air into the system, possibly due to the blocked filter in the tank. Some of the connections could be turned tighter by about an 1/8th of a turn.

Hope your cause is as easy to find and solve.

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I have an old Lister CS diesel engine and it did the same thing on one occasion. I traced it to a blocked fuel line. I appreciate it's not a 12J engine, but it's a diesel - so I concur with LaRoNut!! There could be some restriction somewhere, especially if you ran it low and it sucked up some gunk - straight in to your new filter..!

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You don't say if it is an 88 or a 109. If it is a 109 there is a small plate in the floor of the tub with two screws. If you take that out you can get to the top of the fuel tank. Take the pipe out and check that the little filter at the end is clear. they tend to clog up when there is very little fuel in the tank.

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