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Tank question

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I took the tank off of my 110 today(93 200tdi) to fit the internal fuel pump but a lot of it disintegrated in my hands. After a major panic and a lot of swearing I came home and peroosed eBay for an alternative rust free one. My thoughts swayed to the td5 tank as I hear there is an internal pump in them but I found a steel one for a 110, like mine (only not ****) and noticed the hole in the top seems match the bolt pattern of the rangie fuel pump I have.

Does anyone know if the rrc fuel pump will just drop in there? Or is that wishful thinking??

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Thanks for the replys, it's for my v8 conversion and I read the old ranges and defenders used the same tank so to confirm it I scraped off 20 years of silt and carp from the top of the tank to expose the bolt pattern to the sender. Looks like it's the same. I bought a new one for 80 posted and I'm going to fit it tomorrow.

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