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LSD different tyre size????


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I have a Range Rover Classic 1993 with the LSD mounted in the transfer box, (auto locking diff some may call it), can I run different tyre sizes on each axle?

235/70 x 16 fronts, 255/70 x 16 rears?

Will the LSD get confused and think the one axle is spinning?

Any help/advice much appreciated.

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Use the comparison tool here

Basically there is a 4% difference which is not good add to that the front to rear wheel speed variance when turning a corner and the difference will be greater

Not a good idea in short

If you really want different size wheels try for something with a closer circumference

Would not recommend this at all on a standard landrover centre diff or the bronze / copper washers behind the centre diff gears won't last too long in my opinion

With an atb the gears may be forced into the pockets (locked application / locking using friction between the helical gears and the pocket recesses) more often so I guess over time the effectiveness of the atb may diminish)

Ian ashcroft should hopefully be along shortly (maybe next working week) to offer a yoda insight.

Or you could give him a bell for a chat

If you have abs on your vehicle there is an allowable rolling circumference difference before that goes haywire. Do a search for wabco habs d series manual I posted a few links to it on here regarding 3 amegoes etc (can't spell)


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Thanks for all the input, I found two 235/70 x 16 Disco steel wheels with brand new Michelin tyres. Then two 255/70 x 16 tyres the same make and pattern, one on a steel Disco wheel, one wheeless, again brand new. All were very cheap.

Now I will either have to find two other 235s or 255s.

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