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Sankey/SACOL over-run damper hitch refurb


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Hi everyone. I recently put new 3.5 tonne axles and leaf springs and a
hitch to my arb trailer. It had horse box running gear on it but it was carp, and the hubs were rusting through.

I still need to sort the ram out to get it tipping, but the modulars on new axles are great. I'm trying to get it properly legal and rated to 3.5 tonnes. I know there are issues with home made trailers, but this was originally built ages ago, and that's not the reason for posting.

The damping drawbar I have (SACOL) is not damping. I had to lock it off while towing back from the refurb yard to avoid tearing my 110 chassis apart. Just manoevering it around was very harsh slamming. The trailer was not loaded when I did this, but I can't use it until it damps properly and actuates the brakes. I cannot push the ring back by hand, but when I brake it slams back suddenly.

My question is, has anyone ever had one of these apart, who might know what to look for that has perished/broken etc? A google search of SACOL Ltd shows they went into liquidation in 1994, so no parts from them I'm guessing. Does anyone know who can supply internal parts for these drawbars?


Type MD 63 40,
Serial Number 4679.
Other number 904-0635-0001.
Number 10 has been stamped with a cross through it. ??

Any help, pointers appreciated.

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I undid the bolts both sides, to get the reverse lock off.


Tapped around the bronze threaded collar both sides.. Is there supposed to be a special tool for this? Only slightly mangled at the punch holes..


The big nut and square block came out. You can see the broze collar with o ring, and a U section seal behind it on the shaft. Both look fine.


Then circlip..


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Stainless sleeve next..


View of back of unit. No oil inside at all. You can see a half oil-way where I'm guessing the oil flows back and forth. Anyone know if I should use ordinary hydraulic fluid?


View inside front of unit. There is a hex bolt in there.

I cannot open the outer bronze collar at all. It broke my punch..that is as far as I got with it today. Any tips? WD40 is seeping but I don't think it's gonna budge.


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These are the two identical bronze collars from either end. Outer seals are shot.


Inner o rings look fine though...



I think the steel rim in them is part of the seal, stuck in at the moment. The total seal depth is about 7mm deep.


Any help much appreciated, I want to get this damper totally refurbed and up to scratch.

Any one know where to get seals from?

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