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SIII 109 fuel tank options


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Hi all,

I recently bought me a 1978 LHD 109, 2.6 six cylinder petrol engine, that was equiped with an LPG system. The LPG tank is in the place where normally the fuel tank would be, and a second, smaller tank is now fitted under the right front seat, with the filler opening under the seat.

Now, I am removing the LPG system and will need to remove the LPG tank too. That will create the opportunity to either refit an original tank or do something else. What would be your ideas and tips on creating fuel tanks and the like?

Now, if anybody has a spare 109 tank in good nick laying around, let me know. ;-)



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I wonder if one of the modern plastic tanks would fit? Disco or defener? Bloody metal tanks rust too damn fast.

With an "in tank" pump?

I presume you have a rear filler on the tub, or you'd have the under seat tank with a proper nozzle.

Would you think of running a twin tank system? Are you keeping the 6 cyl?


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.. either refit an original tank or do something else. What would be your ideas and tips on creating fuel tanks and the like?

This is from a couple of threads on the forum of the Series 2 Club, I haven't done the work myself, there were no pictures, just the link to a Parts Listing which shows all the parts associated with the tank, including the replacement outrigger. Direct quotes from the S2C posts are in italics.

Listed under "DEFENDER 1987-2006", ESR4132 is a 110/130 Auxiliary Tank (NTC2089 became ESR4132). The capacity is 15 UK Gallons (68 litres), instead of the standard 10 UK Gallons.

It is an underseat tank designed to connect to a side filler, rather than the 'military' underseat filler.

It is an easy fit, have to remove front tank outrigger, the 110 outrigger is a bolt on job.

It was stated that you have to create a couple of brackets on the chassis to bolt the outrigger to; these were not detailed.

In the case of the original S2C poster, he had picked up a tank cheaply from a UK Ebay advert in Dec 2013.

Hope This Helps.

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My 109 series III has 3 tanks (was used for overlanding) 1 in the back (in use) and 2 under the seats with fillers under the seats, not in use.... will refurbish them one day.

Can make pictures begin juli if you are still looking for info by then.

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I have the same set up as xychix - I reused the original 18IGal rear tank and added two ex MoD 12IGal front tanks (under-seat fill as I didn't want to cut the body, have exposed piping inside the car, encourage fuel theives or face overzealous customs staff on border crossings). The tanks do get weepy around the welds with age, but at over 40 yrs old, they're still going strong. A coat of the POR15 treatment inside would be useful at some point to stop the fuel sweating out through any porous welds, which in turn would stop the exterior waxoil/Schutz being washed off.

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It could be a loose hose fitting, perished sender gasket, loose sender retaining ring or a hole in a pipe or hose.  There is no way to know without direct viewing.  There should be some access panels in the tub floor (deleted on Defenders, but LR were more sensible on the older vehicles). 

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