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300 Tdi Cambelt change - is new Crankshaft Timing Pulley necessary?

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As the title says. I'm about to start this job, following White90's write-up in the Tech Archive. He bought an overhaul kit which included the crankshaft timing pulley, ERR4707. I've bought the Paddock's "Timingkit300L", which does not include this pulley, hence my question. Also, the kit I have does not include a new stud, nut and bolt for mounting the idler wheel and tensioner. Should these be replaced with new items?

What are the criteria under which replacement is recommended? I don't want to have to do this job again due to short-cutting!

Many thanks for any guidance you can give.


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It's my thread - White90 put it there as he was moderator at the time.

If you know you have the later type crank sprocket already (not pulley), then there's no need to replace it - even if you remove it in order to replace the seal.

I've never seen the need to replace the stud, bolt, and nut (the nut is nyloc, so can be re-used). If they're in the kit, then you might as well use them.


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