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Tdci heater box

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I recon you could make it fit but. A, It wouldn't be easy or straight forward. B, The problem is the heater matrix isn't under the bonnet it's in the dash so you either need the dash as well again not easy to fit an earlier bulkhead or you need to find a way of putting the/another matrix in a standard dash. All in all way more agro than it's worth but hey when did "we" ever do the easy thing.


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You also have to deal with the gearstick interfering with the dashboard, but I'm not sure if that's particularly difficult to overcome.

The later dash offers many benefits including the vastly improved HVAC system. I considered plumping for one but decided against it as I like the previous setup far better , mainly because I find the later dash quite intrusive into the cab space.

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I've been reading up on this a little.

It seems that if your a tall fella this conversion is not for you. Apparently if your over 6' your knees are always squashed up against the dash as its a lot closer to you than the old style dash. Though maybe this only applies if you have a truck cab??

If your considering this it will probably be prudent to get along your dealer and sit in one..

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