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Tyre types ?

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I failed the MOT on one tyre so am going to buy some more....

Currently on 235/85/16c general grabber TR which have done well......

at £89 delivered they seem quite chaep


It lead me also to Continental Conti Cross Contact AT but there seem to be 2 variants, one with a c and one without, £88.50 or £111.09...




What is the difference?

Are there any other tyres I should consider, mostly road driving.....


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I've had Goodyear Wranglers on a Disco for three years and they have been exceptional and they are only a little bit more than the General Tyres from the same source. I notice on the advert for the General A/Ts that it says that they are summer tyres though. Would that make any difference. Might there be insurance issues if you had a wallop and it was peeing down in January or are they just being over cautious. I have had really good feedback about Cooper Tyres.

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Tyres are making my head hurt....

I thought my general grabbers tr were supposed to have 14mm tread, where as I just spoke to Continental who said the conticrosscontact AT only has 8mm tread.

8mm seems nothing in comparison to 14mm.

Can anyone confirm these tread depths?

Thank you :-)

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My 'new take off' Continental Cross-Contact ATs had about 13mm of tread, measured very roughly.

They're good tyres, but I've practically worn out a set in less than a year and about 26,000 miles - however I have concluded that this must be due to the unmetalled roads I do a lot of miles on, as others report good mileages out of them.

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Contis are notoriously 'soft' in all tyres they make however in my opinion having driven defenders on contis, Generals and supposedly everylasting bfg ats, the contis win hands down for handling and road holding.


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Still got a headache from the choice of tyres....

To replace my General Grabber TR's it will be more expensive than BFG AT ko's......

Is there much difference in ko v's ko2?

MAlvern tyres want £117 fot BFG ko's

Bathwick Tryes want £130 for General Grabber TR

Cross Conti are £95 but with BFG being £10 more they seem expensive, esp as you trashed a set in 12 months James :-(

Someone tell me what to do grrrr

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As I say I'm pretty sure it's the forest roads that have done in the Continentals, as others report large mileages and I can't see what else is is about my use that's unusual.

So don't discount them purely on my experiences, unless your driving pattern is similar.

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