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Power steering problems


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Slightly off topic as this relates to my 75E17 Iveco but I do use it to move my Land Rovers!

My power steering was working perfectly until I had to remove the pump to change the Air compressor (Air compressor runs direct from the flywheel wheel) The pump bolts on the end of the flywheel.

When removing the pump to get to the compressor it is necessary to take the reservoir off which means undoing the end cover plate of the steering pump exposing the internals. This is where I am worried I might have got it wrong putting things back.

I currently have little or no power steering at standstill and minimal power steering at higher revs (hard to tell on the move what is power steering and what s just the speed of the truck helping)

When I reassembled the pump I made sure the vanes in the centre were all present and I made sure the outer part the vanes run around the inside of was correctly located with the pins that hold it in a fixed position to the outer cover. I have actually re done this now and it is exactly the same.

I have driven it for a few miles but it has got no better

I have never had this sort of problem with any other car before - do you think I have air in the system? surely this would have worked its way out on the drive?

It is not making any noise that I can hear (difficult as it is buried under the cab whilst it is running)

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No - because the pump and reservoir are above all other PS pipes

The reservoir sits on top of the pump and I would have thought the pump would self bleed from the reservoir sitting above it?

I will look for a bleed point on the pump tonight presumably the lorry should be running? This is difficult to do as the cab has to be tipped

Any other PS pump I have changed has been literally just put new fluid in, turn the steering lock to lock a couple of times and job done!

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to bleed it should be a case of turning lock to lock up to maybe 10 times as you say, lifting the front wheels of the ground ensures the pump isnt too strained whilst running with air in too.

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Will try that tonight. Nothing like fixing one problem and ending up with another.

What is worse is that the lorry broke down with the original compressor fault on the way to pick up my broken down L322!

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Lol not really!

I suspect a number of Ipswich residents did not find my 7.5 ton obstruction very amusing either! Compressor decided it would only build up to 4 bar (obviously it decided this at a junction...)

You need 8 bar to get the hand brake off and the rear adjusters had all seized so I couldn't just wind them off

Not to mention that anything lower than 6bar and you have no assisted clutch, so that made the drive back to the yard lots of fun

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Cracking fun. I had an interesting journey yesterday too, went to Yorkshire to pick up a range rover, got there and it was falling apart so we left it, still managed to return 32mpg towing an unladen flatbed and that was over Holme moss summit. Not at a slow pace either ☺.

Have you thought about whipping the back off the pump again to see if anything came dislodged?

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Thank you for the suggestion. I know it wont be that as you don't have to bend the hoses at all to get it off, they are in quite and easy place

My other thought as the pump does not appear to be making a noise is I am now wondering if it is even turning. Unlikely but possible that something is broken on the through drive from the news (second hand) compressor that the pump bolts to.

Will strip the pump off yet again and check

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Still not working so I took off again. As it runs off the air compressor it makes it difficult to test as no pulley. Tonight I stripped it all completely down, cleaned it up and reassembled in the hope the pressure valve was sticking open or the vanes were not moving properly.

I have added some pictures of my reassembly just in case I am getting something wrong here. With pump completely stripped the centre where the vanes slot in turns when I turn the input to the pump (I have also checked the output of the compressor which is OK)

The part of the pump behind this centre section can be turned independently by hand from the inside. I don't understand why this part needs to move? When the pins are in it is held in place by the end cap.

First I put the pins into the holes in the back part, then dropped over the oval shaped part making sure the pins stayed in the holes in the back.

All vanes then slotted back in after cleaning and all appear to slide in and out OK

Then spun round so that the pins will line up with the corresponding holes in the end cap. End cap on and bolted holding it in place so only the centre and vanes can move

Then I slide the pressure valve back in, slides back and forth nicely. Spring back in (not broken) and job done. Is there anything I have done wrong?







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No help on the pump other than maybe bench testing it using a battery drill? and could be teaching you to suck eggs, but if you have a small T-Max style compresser get one of the screw in air fittings for you wagon air tank and put a female PCL connector on it, get a male/male PCL and then you can inflate things from either air system and use the battery comp to keep air up on the wagon.


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Thanks Muddy. Unfortunately my t-max wont get up to 8 bar which is what you need for the handbrake to come off..that was one of many ways I tried to get it moving that day!

I have now finally sorted it. Looks like the pressure valve was sticking. Now back to fully working steering :i-m_so_happy:

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