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FORUM NEWS - "Milestone"

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Hi All !

Some long terms members may rememebr how this forum came about - all to do with a pratt called Richard Green and him closing down the old LRE Forum, with

all sorts of unpleasantness, back stabbing, and stupidity ...

LR4x4 was born as a result ...the 1st ever post being :


So what ?............................

Well, that was August 2005

In August 2015.....2 months time ........... that makes us 10 years old, and still going strong,

additionally we are as a forum financially sound thanks to member Supporters, donations and Long Term Supporters....


The A&M Team have agreed and decided we will be doing a small campaign for a range of "10 Year LR4x4 Anniversary" Clothing

At 1st stab we will have :

  • Polo Shirts
  • Rugby Shirt
  • Fleeces
  • Poss Baseball hats

All in a range of Colours :D ...

With Special "10 Year Anniversary" Embriodery

'Supporting Members' and 'Long Term Supporting Members' will have these at a discount to thank them for their support, ....

but the range will be also available to any membe......r supporter or not on LR4x4

More later,


Yer Tresurer innit :P

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A fleece would get ruined the way I live, so how about something a bit more durable?

Say an enamel mug? All my LR mugs break.

Or a Cast alu badge like the SW badge that can be stuck on under the LR badge? Obviously no use to those who don't own a rover landrover, but they could get something shiny and plastic if they want, maybe with a coil inside.

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One person that has never been mentioned on here and was an incredible help in the planning and therefore creation of this website. Mike Lamontagne was the north American Correspondant for LRE ( I was the UK administrator at that time). He gave me, and subsequently the rest of the Admin team the news that that stupid idiot - Richard Greene, was going to shut the site down as he didn't think the internet was worth the money (idiot), So this site was rapidly created, with the original admin team messaging every single member of LRE with the news and web address of this site.

Those that created this site, but are unfortunately no longer with us are White90, Geoff Beaumont, and LR90. The amount of people that duly arrived here caught us by surprise, and the site repeatedly crashed and we had to upgrade many times. The final nail in the coffin of the LRE site was undoubtably the thread entitled 'It's official - I know everything there is to know about L/R's' It rapidly degenerated into the 'Land Rover Spider' thread, which was absolutely hilarious and went on for ages. Prior to that there was the Billing free tickets scandal that were given to the Moderators, and of course the famous naughty 30 day on Salisbury Plain. I still have a Land Rover spider sticker and a naughty 30 T-shirt :)


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