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Td5 headlights

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Now I've got my tail lights sorted I've noticed that I've only got sides and full beam at the front. I've tried all the basic things I can think of like new bulbs checked the fuses and changed the relay and light stalk but no joy. So would anyone have any ideas of what to check next or know any auto sparkies or maybe even fancy a go themselves? I willing to pay the going rate or supply the beers to numb the pain at night or could even swap my services in exchange ( I'm a joiner to trade and also a tree surgeon)

Cheers guss

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find the pink dim dip relay [in a Td5 it's the behind instrument pack IIRC] & pull it out, join the 2 blue/red trace wires with a jumper wire & hopefully the dip headlights will resume normal operation.

Brilliant thanks if that is the case does it mean that the relay is goosed ? Will go out and give it a try when this rain stops

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Dropping it of tomorrow with a local landy specialist as its needing a few other things sorted as well. As its had the hazards disconnected to so sure they will find a few other things to be done at the same time. I'd love to know how the last owner got it through its mot as I'm sure all these problems didn't happen a few weeks after it passed it I'm sure it was cheaper to smoke as its costing me a small fortune in parts and bits

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