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Towbar winch mount

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I'd like to move my rear winch out of it's fixed position in the back of the truck as it rarely gets used and often is in the way. Ideal solution would be to have it mounted to one of the dixon bate plates so I can just pop it onto the towbar when needed. I already have an anderson connector on the rear crossmember for power.

I've had a google and found that you can buy winch plates mounted to the box section style receiver hitch, but not found anything that looks like it would bolt to a dixon bate. Has anyone come across such a thing on your travels?

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Buy a winch plate and a Dixon bate slider and just weld one to the other? Should be plenty strong enough as the slider plates are fairly thick

Wither that or buy a receiver winch mount and a receiver outlet and bolt that to the Dixon Bates mount.

I opted to put receiver hitches front and back with Anderson connectors. Only need one winch which I store in the boot where it is nice and dry.

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