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200TDI/R380 clutch issue.


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I've got a 200TDI conversion here that has an R380 with the case clutch fork. The push rod in place has a pin on the 'ball' (fork) end. Can anyone tell me how much space there should be between the front face of the bellhousing where the slave attaches and the resting fork? It feels like it is nearly all the way back in the housing... I'm feeling like there is a mismatch between rod, R380, fork and possibly release bearing... I didn't put it together though and am reluctant to pull the engine just to take a look if at all avoidable.

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I was able to confirm they installed the STC8362 clutch kit and that it was likely a V8 transmission. Still looking to figure out which release bearing that kit contains.

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This one absolutely has a cast clutch fork, and the push-rod has a pin on the end of the ball end... otherwise it seems the same length as the LT77 one. The main issue is the fork is sitting 80% of the way back in the bellhousing so the front end of the pushrod is recessed beyond the mounting face which just seems wrong.

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