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Wild camping in Scotland


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Looks like a great trip :)

I'm assuming it was a bit chilly, given the proximity to the fire

Cold at night but we were really lucky with the weather during the day.

Was that one of the organised tours they're doing over there now?

No I arranged it myself, looking at what people charge for organised tours perhaps I should get into the business LOL, although I can understand the need for local Knowledge and a native speaker if going to some far off hostile land!

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Very good. I recognise some of the roads and the Otter Pool on the river there, spent many a happy day driving round those forests when I worked over there a few years ago.

Just out of interest did the FC limit where you could go in terms of which routes you could use etc? I did a small trip for some forum members a few years back and we were given fairly free reign as I was staff, but I wonder since there are now outfits operating 'official' 4x4 tours if they have got more restrictive on independent groups who apply for access permissions.

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Looks like you had a great trip.

We really are spoiled up here for beautiful places to wild camp. I've got a couple of spots that I drive then hike to that only I know about. Pretty serene at 1 in the morning when there's not a breath of wind looking up at a clear sky without any light pollution ;)

On the other hand, at that same place the snow/wind will kill you during the winter...

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Sorry to be so long.

Many thanks for the offer - I sure would love to take you guys up on it.

The planning takes me to Somerset with a 3-axle trailer first and onward, solo, to the North of Scotland for a pilgrimage.

North, as in : Cape Wrath area...

Hope to take the 110 and sleep inside. Thing has a bed and a night heater..... ^_^

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