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Molyslip Gearbox Protection


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Is it any good? Is it worth a dose into the gearbox?

Gearbox changes gears sweetly and vehicle is quite quiet and that is the problem I can hear the gearbox whooshing and weeshing (doing it's thing) will the stuff quiet it up so that when a fault develops I'll hear the noise and not keep wondering it that woosh is something to worry about.

Vehicle is a 300tdi 110 CSW with an R380 Gearbox. :D

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LT77/R380 gearboxes have an internal oil pump, I personally wouldn't add any other fluids to the ATF or MTF :D

When did you last change the gearbox fluid ?,

if not recently, it maybe a good move, use the later MTF fluid LR recommend :D

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Haven't bought any yet but noticed it in halfrauds a while back and it got me thinking.

Says it's also good for diffs as well

Gearbox oil was probably changed by the garage I bought it from approx 30,000 miles ago Will probably change it soon weather, job, and life permitting....... :D

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There was a thing in the press last year (and I think it was reported on LRE forum) about Slik50 being unable to uphold any of their claims about reduced friction, noise, fuel consumption etc.

Although Molyslip is different, I would be inclined to think that they are all much of a muchness.

If it was really that good - I imagine all the motor oil manufacturers would include it and the car manufacturers insist upon it!

Personally, I'd turn up your radio a bit and save the money.


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Has anyone actually seen Moly Slip?

It's heavy, grey and gooey and in my opinion would just lie like lead in the bottom of your LT 77 gearbox.........

I have used it in north american vehicle diffs and the results were not noticable..........

A lot of that stuff is pure "snakeoil" although i swear by STP oil thickener :)

I think it all boils down to what you want to believe................... :)

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