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Routes in the Alps help

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First post! I'm taking my second trip to the alps in my 90 tdi, the first trip we got stuck in morzine (pushed too hard and the lift pump went) so we never got to drive around at all. We've got 2 weeks this time, heading to Dijon via tolls then stopping off. The next day will be through Geneva and onto morzine, sticking around there for a day or two and then down to tignes for a few before heading across Switzerland and a slow bumbling a cross Germany. BUT I would like to fit in a day or two easy laning with some wild camping. We'll be fully laden with roof rack, no winch and standard hight. So looking for gentle ish. Does anyone have any ideas or routes. Thanks

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Plenty of tracks but please keep a close eye on what the signs say for opening & closure. The Police & Gendarmerie on all sides of the Borders are getting very short with trespassing 4x4's and encounters like that take the fun away from being there.

Also, the weather plays a big role on where you go and where you camp. No problem to go to 10,000 Ft. if you know what you're doing and if this is the f1st time and you're going solo, please be very careful. Late August the weather changes very quickly and the temps can drop a lot in the night. Not unusual to have ice on the tents..


We go there each Summer and combine forces with the expert knowledge of a well known company - she's also a member here - who know the Alps inside & out.

Have FUN & be safe.

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Thank you, we are going beginning of July so hopefully stays warm. But I do know how the weather can change on you when I was cycling round there last year. I have been looking for guided trips but they all seem to be in August. I'll more then likely stick on the single roads and keep a look out for any groups to try and tag along with.

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"I have been looking for guided trips but they all seem to be in August."

:huh: You obviously didn't look everywhere... But I can't say more on here.

Why not visit the Auvergne while you're en route ?

Have fun, be safe and enjoy.

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Depending on where in the Alps, count on everything from hot sunny weather to Winter like storms and ice on the tents..

Also, many pistes close September 1.

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