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110 HCPU to Van/County Body Conversion - How Hard?

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Hi folks, I wonder if you can help.

I'm looking for a Defender 110 at the moment and was wondering how hard it is to change a High Capacity pick-up rear body for a van/hard top/station wagon type rear? Obviously the roof will be different and I guess the rear bulkhead too. More importantly though, what about the chassis? Is it just the bodies (rear tubs) that are different and they mount on the same mountings, or is the floor and seat box different as well?

Sorry for all the questions. I did do a search on here first to see if I could find the topic already being covered anywhere, but didn't see it.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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different bolt on body mounts, would be much easier to sell the 110HCPU & buy a factory built hardtop 110, sourcing all the parts is not a fast job.

you would need ----

full length roof

rear door

lower body

rear upper body sides

chassis brackets

& all the bolts/nuts to fix it together.

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Thank you for your reply Western. I haven't actually got a 110 yet, was just wondering how much of a job it is to convert as there seem to be plenty of HCPU's at a sensible price nearer to me than hard tops, that was all.


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Hmm. I converted the RHD HCPU Td5 into a LHD 300 Tdi Hard Top.


However, the Mrs. didn't like the driving position so we had to change plans and make it a Hard Top


Not difficult - all bolts & nuts really.


A few friends who came by for coffe gave a hand...



The Mrs. did the paintjob !


And after a lot of work...


So, If I can do this, most people can.. It is a lot work, esp. in this case as the vehicle came to me without an engine and a single piece of wiring. Being Dutch and different, we build the vehicle up to our own taste and insights. Electrics are different and some 900 mtrs - 2,700 Ft. in your money - was used, along with a serious amount of fuses, switches and relays.

But if you are working from a working HCPU it is a relatively straight forward conversion.

I'd suggest you try and find a complete body as this saves a lot of time.

Oh, and if you have to cross borders with the various parts don't mention "body parts" when talking to Customs or Security.. They get sort of nervous..... :rofl:

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Thanks for the reply Need4speed & Arjan. I did think/hope that a Landy being big meccano set, would possibly be all bolt on/off, including different bodies.

I did however want to check before making any expensive decisions.


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Anythings possible. All just nuts n bolts. It's just a question if it's financially viable.

The reason I say that is because it's amazing how many times you set out to do a small modification which turns into a full-on rebuild when you see the state of the chassis etc.. Then you say to yourself I really don't want a patchwork quilt chassis, maybe I'll get a galv one etc etc etc. Before you know it your spending ££££ ;)

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Yeh, I can understand where you are coming from.

To be honest, whatever version I buy, I'll probably remove the rear tub/body/cab floor/etc to gain access to the chassis top, A, so I can inspect it, B, so I can treat and protect it (as best possible). Yes, galv would be the way, but at present, I couldn't afford to go that route. I may though look for a decent 110 chassis, check it over thoroughly and make any required repairs, before getting it galvanised. It'll then sit to one side in my lock up until either the vehicles chassis requires replacement, or I just decide 'Sod it!' and pull the vehicle apart to carry out the swap.

Like so many other people, all ideas at present, but I will be buying a 110 at some point in the next few months, which version though depends on money and distance (I'm right on the coast of SW Wales, so every decent (looking/sounding) one I find for sale is nearly always hundreds of miles away.


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