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What is the proper name for the roof to body fasteners?

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I've just started replacing the rotten body cappings on the 110 with galvanised ones and some of the fixings to hold the roof on are shot.

What is the correct term for yhe gold double ended bolt things with the round plate in the middle?

I'm normally quite good at guessing what to type into ebay but this time I'm having no joy...

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It turns out that paddocks have them at a slightly more acceptable price.

Thank you for the part number tacr2man.

Does anyone else find paddock ' s search by description function rubbish?

I'm sure there are items they have for sale that are impossible to find without using the part number, no matter how much you browse the site.

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The body cappings I'm removing have short tubes in the corners which take the fixings or tilt poles (depending on what body is fitted) and the new (well, old galvanised) ones are probably 3 times as deep.

I'm wondering now if there would be any problem with just using a long bolt from the bottom up with a washer welded in the middle to keep it central. As far as I can tell that is essentially what this fancy stub bolt thing is.

I don't really see what advantage there is to the proper bolt, other than when popping to roof off for a sunny day the bolt stays in situ so it doesn't get lost when you come to refit.

Any thoughts on using generic (tensile) fixings?

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