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110 FFR Rock Tree Slides


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Not actually done it myself (as I don't own a FFR) - but one of my customers asked for advice on just this!

The side locker doors protrude about 20mm below the line of the sill. He wanted to fit tree sliders which extend the sills. The option was to cut a chunk out of the slider (my preferred option as it's a bolt-on bit and doesn't stop the 110 being returned to original) or to chop off the bottom of the door.

His eventual compromise was to fit sliders where the box section does not prodrude from the original side of the vehicle - but with a tubular bit (lower down) which does. I can't remember who made them - possibly Safari-Equippe?

Most of the smaller makers of such will supply them un-painted making it easy to cut a bit out of the top and weld in a new bit.


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Yes. The side locker doors do get in the way of the sliders. I have FirstFour ones on the 110.


Basically, there are 3 solutions for this :

1 - Lower the slider about 12 mm. A lot of work when using a bought in one.

2 - Cut out a bit from the top of the slider where the door is. Have seen this and a lot of work

3 - Take a bit off the doors and the "angle iron" that sits at the bottom ot the opening. That's what we did.


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I have these lockers on my 109 (which took a small amount of fettling in itself) and later installed sliders/sills. I trimmed the flange off the lower frame section, so it was just a flat bar, and trimmed the door. It leaves plenty of strength in the door as the U section of the door reinforcement is left intact. I used Tiger Seal along the bottom edge of the door but there were still plenty of spot welds between the skin and reinforcer, so the door doesn't lose any strength. Having seen the sills trimmed to fit unmodified lockers (the white 110 that did the African expeditions featured in one of the magazines), I think the door trimming is not only easier and cheaper, but also much neater and prettier. Have a look in the three photos here: http://www.nickslandrover.co.uk/ready-for-the-alps/

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