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Bulkhead Removal - Cappings Don't Allow Roof?

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Having tried this in a forum where people would rather polish their Defenders than maintain them, I'll try here.

As part of my conversion to bulkhead removal bar (tub), I bought genuine cappings, which I've galvanised, that are the bulkheadless type - they don't extend inwards at all. It also turns out they don't have the hole for the roof/sides to bolt down to on the rear corners. See pic:


Obviously a vehicle without a bulkhead cannot be a truck cab or soft top of whatever else, as there would be a huge gap - how, then, is it that these don't have the mounting points for a roof?

Does anyone have a car with the FACTORY removal bar that can take a picture of how the roof sides are attached to their capping? Non-factory conversions don't apply as there's a good chance the capping has just been chopped rather than being the specific type.

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Ehm.... Not sure if I understand you correctly as I'm not a "native English speaker but the RBRB is 3 parts. The big bar that goes across and 2 uprights. These have a plate that goes on the "sloping side of the wheel arches" and with 2 or 3 bolts through the capping. For these, I had to drill vertical holes.



It is easiest to do this without the sides on - or have them out of the way.

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Interesting, what part numbers did you buy them under?

Perhaps they are for a model with no bulkhead but also no roof. Didn't that ghastly SVX thing they had out a few years back have that setup?

The good news is that it will be fairly easy to fix, just find some tube of the right diameter, cut some holes, and weld a length in on each corner.

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They're ALR5513 and 14 (OS & NS). This is in the pre-2007 Microcat catalogue, so should be before the SVX. I can't even remember if those were soft tops or roofless or what, I paid them such little attention.

Arjan, it's not the bar that's the issue here, but the capping - the rear corners where there should be holes to mount the tub and roof sides together. There are holes in the right places at the front, but not the rear.

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OK - re-read your question.

The sides are bolted to the body into rubber "tubes" and 1 or 2 angle irons.

Weird construction that is practical to LT as it makes it possible to both fit hoops and the "bolt" for sides / cab.


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They look the same as mine at the front ends - that is, they fit a CSW where there never has been a bulkhead and they are "straight".

They also have the holes at the mid-point on the vertical which would be for the sides - to pull them down onto the tub.

However those tubes are definitely missing at the corners! I think you need them to give you the stud length required to take-up the 'slack' as the sides pull-down onto the capping seal.

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