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fuel gauge playing silly bu66ers

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Under seat tank in my 90

currently the gauge never goes to the E... or the F.

even with the sensor out it still won't register each end of the scale.

Bought a new one. And this one registers empty and the light is on. But move it slowly up and as soon as the light goes off the gauge drops back down to the off position. ....

any ideas..

gauge faulty? .. wiring? . Or both sensors? ?

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With the ignition on, what does the gauge read when the wires to the sender are disconnected and left freely dangling?

With the ignition on, what does the gauge read with the sender-wires earthed?

Under one circumstance the gauge should read zero; under the other it should read full. if it doesn't you have either a faulty gauge, a faulty voltage-regulator, or your fuel-tank-sender earth isn't.

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Ign on wires dangling. No reading

earth wire continuity to earth tested. Good!

White wire earthed. Reads empty/light on.

Green/blk wiee earthed. Gauge reads full.

trouble is that even with the sensor out of the tank. I can't get an empty or full reading on the gauge. ..

however I think the tests have proved its a sensor fault....

Hence why I bought a new one.

So unless I have connected that wrong that is faulty too.....??

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