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Land Rover Microcat 12/2014 - Working


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A while back I was able to get the last set of original cd's (02/2012) that I was given by the local dealer working on my Win XP laptop. Since then searching the internet I was able to find a newer set of files for Microcat with the date 12/2014. At the time I was unable to get it working but the past few weeks I was able to get it working. I'm not going to provide any links to these files, just google them.

What was important before installing the 12/2014 image is that all traces of any previous installs must be removed. The most significant is to remove from the registry [HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ VB and VBA Program Settings \ CommLRE \ UN]

After installing and before opening,

1) Copy the mg16.dll file that is found in the crack folder in the image file and past to C:/MCLRE

2) Find the same file C:/Windows/system23 and delete.

3) install the latest version of Microlaunch which allows you to set the dates and length of delay (Time Warping and Termination Method).

4) Restart laptop.

5) Open Regedit and find the above registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VA andVBA Program Settings\CommLRE\UN\TOP

Right click "TOP", modify, change valve to 12-12-2014-0-0-9 , close regedit

6) start Microcat by using Microlaunch. They key here is to NOT double click the launcher, right click then select open. Set the dates to 2014/12. The Termination Method I use "Time out" with a 35 second delay. Plus I'm assuming that you have already directed the launcher to c:\mclre\mclre.exe


NOW with all this done and testing this version of Microcat for several days I've ran into one issue where the above registry key "TOP" must be edited once every 24 hour period. There is no problem with turning off the laptop during the day, it's the 24 hour period that passes which will cause the splash screen to appear saying that this version of Microcat is out of date.

So my shot in the dark here is this, knowing that there are some techy's on this forum, can someone make a small program that runs at startup which changes the above registry entry to what is needed to open Microcat?

I realize that there are people who don't need or require this latest avail version of Microcat, for myself I find by using it, it gives me the latest supersede part numbers for both Land Rovers that I have plus I like the idea of having part numbers to the latest vehicles in Land Rovers stables. Enjoy!

Thanks in advance,


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My top tip would be to download Oracle Virtualbox and create a virtual machine image with nothing but a clean XP install & working copy of Microcat. That way you can run it on any machine, anywhere, and it will always work, completely self-contained.

We use virtual machines a lot and they're a great way of pickling a fussy piece of software without having to hold onto an old operating system or obsolete hardware, or worry that the next software update will kill it and never work again.

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A virtual machine running XP on the Linux box with for this ,leave the date set back with no update.. I haven't tried it but I cant see why that wouldn't also work under Windows?

(EDIT) Hah! by time I'd typed mine it was already suggested :-)

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Although it probably wouldn't go down well with the lawyers, the other good thing about making a Microcat virtual-machine is that one could, if one were being very generous, share copies of said VM with trusted friends.

Probably slightly less dodgy now Microsoft have dropped XP they're less likely to care about someone sharing a copy of it.

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I wouldn't have the slightest how to create a virtual machine, I think one of my sons has done it before must ask him about it. In the mean time I've added a file to startup which is making the changes that I wanted (thanks elbekko). So a few days of testing now.

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The microlaunch source code is available and could be modified...

Does the registry key get changed? if so then the solution may be to right click the key and change the permissions to read only, it may be that microcat won't like that, but definitely worth a go.

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