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OT - Cutting angles in sheet materials - what to use?


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This is a bit OT but could still be useful for others....

I have started making architectural models for my brother in law (architect) and I'm struggling to find an aid for cutting angles into sheet edges (for mitre ing the corners on buildings etc).

Its mainly for quite thin sheet (scalpel/stanley knife cut) and can be done without a guide but its easy to mess up. For thicker stuff i've got a track saw and mitre chop saw but these tend to rag the edges of thin stuff.

Any suggestions are very welcome



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"an aid for cutting angles into sheet edges".

For me, this produces a mental image of the card surround of a painting in a picture frame.

Thick card, with the edge cut at 45 degrees, sloping away from the painted surface.

Thus I wonder if it is worth looking into the world of picture framing to find how they achieve this angled cut.


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I bought a mitre guide from an Art shop for picture frames. I think it was called a mat cutter. Essentially an aluminium real that Assn angled blade slid up and down, with a set square end that could also be moved. Quite expensive and there seemed to be a range of them going up in price and complexity.

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