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X-Brake peculiarity

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The X-Brake on my 90 is playing up and I don't really understand what it's doing. Basically, it randomly seems to change the clamp point, and hence the handbrake lever position, from one or two click to the (more normal) several and back again, pretty much each time you move the vehicle and put the brake on.

I've stripped it, cleaned the sliding bushes and adjusted the cable but the problem has not gone away. I note that the moving shoe in the caliper is loose but I'm at a loss to understand how that translates to the symptoms. The pads are not particularly badly worn.

Any ideas?

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Mine did this too, I think it was the moving pad coming loose and getting skewif in the housing resulting in a smaller piston throw.

I fixed it by stripping the caliper completely and rebuilding using the rebuild kit. And made sure the pad was secured well to the new piston. Also fixed the terrible rattle it had developed.

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