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Defender Heated Seats

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I am about to fit heated seats to the front of my Defender 110 and would like some advice as to how to route the

cabling ( pictures if possible ) from the seats to the point of power.

I have Wright Off Road Matting fitted to my vehicle and would prefer not to cut or make holes in it if possible!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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I have yet to do mine yet. I picked up a set from Newbury weekend and it depends on the type as some have two heat settings but I fou do this


Hope it helps and let us know how it goes.

P's how do you find the matting and did you get it direct?


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Thanks for the info. I bought the heated seat kit from Exmoor Trim, they supply the Waeco 2 stage heating kit or Landrovers original heated seat kit, I went for Landrovers own kit as I already have the switches to fit in the centre dash!

I haven't fitted the matting system yet, well other than put it in and take it back out until I have finished the rebuild.

I bought the matting direct from Drew, saved quite a lot of money by going direct and he made it for me as I wanted black as opposed to grey. Very fast supply and delivery and a really nice guy to boot!

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The OE loom comes through a hole in the lids of the seat box, I have mine tucked under the WOR-matting on top of the lid and exiting at the rear...I just cut a nick out of the rear join to allow the convoluted tubing to exit with kinking. You'll have cut out the access panels to get into the battery/toolbox/ecu areas so no further major cutting is necessary.

I fitted a td5 XS loom to my 200tdi so it was plug and play for the heated seats. The cabling is run as part of the main harness, there are two small looms splitting off at the transfer box to feed either seat, these have two grommets, one to pass into the seat box and then the grommet for passing through.

Which spec of 110 are you fitting to?

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The wiring is simple. You can use a wire with a ring terminal to a seat mounting bolt for the earths, so just need the feeds from switch to heater pads (or from the relays if you are using the kit's small switches - I prefer the rugged and smple Carling tech switches which don't need relays).

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