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Discovery 2, TD5, rear carpet removal


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I think it's time to remove the rear carpet in my Discovery 2 to see what's happening under there with regard to any possible rust.

I can't work out how to remove the fittings around the edge - in particular, the strip which runs across the back inside the rear door which clamps the carpet firmly to the floor.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Thank you.

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the screws are under the insert strip. Look closely and you'll see a curved plastic strip about 12mm wide. Carefully using a knife or similiar between the tread plate and insert should free it.

Cheers, james

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In spite of the advice of James & Anglo-Frenchman, I have been unable to remove the strip referred to which hides the carpet retaining screws.

There would appear to be two ribbed strips running across the vehicle, each about 30mm wide.

They disappear under the side panels.

There are also the load retaining rings (one each side) which would have to be removed.

Is my vehicle a later model than expected?

It's a 52 reg.

Does anyone know if interior work is included in the Discovery manual?

Again, any help is appreciated.

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The strip along the back door is all one piece, the 2 "ribbed" bits you see are either side of the retaining screws. The retaining screws are hidden by a plastic insert that is just a push fit, as has been said, if you ease a small screwdriver or knife blade down the side and pry out the centre strip you will find the screws holding the whole piece down (once all the screws are out you can slide the piece sideways and unhook one edge from under the side trims and then slide it all the way out).

The tie down eyes pass through slits in the carpet, just lift the rings until they're vertical and pull the carpet over them.

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Thanks to all your advice I've now been able to remove the carpet holding strip inside the rear door.

If I can add a couple of comments myself.

The strip covering the retaining screws is very flexible and lifting it in the centre quickly revealed each end and hence removal was easy.

The main strip (with the ribbed sections) is more substantial in cross section and requires more effort to bend with the added chance of it snapping.

I was unable to remove one end first since its overall length meant that even moving it fully to one side (under the side panels) the other end was not exposed.

I decided to move it back to a central position and with everything 'crossed' and fearing the strip breaking I carefully lifted the centre until both ends became visible and I was able to remove it.

I will shorten the main strip before putting it back, it needs to be no longer than is just sufficient for the ends to be hidden under the side panels, and this will mean it doesn't have to be bent so much when replacing.

I would add that I removed the strip on a warm day when the plastic strip was less prone to snapping, in freezing conditions I might not have been so lucky.

Finally, my having now been able to lift the carpet, there was thankfully no evidence of the floor rusting but, since I must have the rusted off-side chassis member welded, I am now in a position to put a heat reflecting mat between the carpet and the floor to prevent any scorching of the former during the welding process.

But, I guess that's another story! Thank you again.

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