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can't remove wheel hub .

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If the bearing's failed to the point where the inner race has spun on the stub-axle, welding the two together [or at least roughening the surfaces horribly], you are probably going to have to get down-and-dirty with some brute-force. A puller might well be your only option.

When you do get it off, be prepared to find the surface of the stub-axle rather less-than-pristine. If it shows any signs of "blueing", inspect very carefully before re-using it!

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As above if it has welded itself to gether you might need to get fairly brutal.

The stub axle is easily replaced and not overly expensive so at a certain point it might be best to sacrafice it.

was exactly my idea. see if you can angle grind into it (without going to deep) from a few directions and then chisel it open..... that might work....


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Friction welded wheel bearings are a nightmare. To remove the hub from the stub axle you can use a chisel or similar to remove the bearing rollers. The increased clearance will then allow you to remove the hub assembly- just leaving the bearing track stuck on the stub axle. Careful use of an angle grinder to break up the track may well mean that it still useable.


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Got it off . drilled out the innerrace and split it with a chisel . thing was a nightmare to get off . found a used hub and stub shaft in great condition at the wreckers.

now having a issue with my turning circle only when I turn left .. It turns very wide but turning right is fine . The steering stop is not even touching and I can't turn the wheels any further left.

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It's possible the CV is not properly located in the stub axle (or it's not the right stub axle for the CV / vehicle). Did the circlip around the half shaft go back on OK when you fitted the drive flange?

Remove the track rod and steering rod from that swivel, jack the wheel and see if you can steer it easily by hand and if there are any clonks from inside as you do it.


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