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indicators/hazard warning lights

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Hi, I wonder if somebody can help me please. I purchased a 90 as a non runner about a year ago. It had a cracked head which I have replaced and I am trying to get it ready for the mot.

The indicators don't work properly, specifically all 4 lamps will flash when I put the hazard warning light on AND push the indicator stalk up or down at the same time. The Trailer light on the dashboard flashes at the same time

Hazard switch on its own has no effect and indicator stalk up or down on its own has no effect - it needs both on at the same time.

The battery is fully charged and all the lights including the indicators are bright.

I assume they were wired correctly in the first place (although I don't know because I didn't own the vehicle). I feel it may be something to do with the trailer lights connector since the light flashes on the dash board.

Any advice welcome


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this is how the indicator/hazard system should work ----------

trailer indicator light is meant to operate like this ---------

vehicle solo = no trailer = vehicle left or right indicator on & trailer light flashes once then stays off

vehicle + trailer = vehicle + trailer light flash in unison, [sometimes the trailer light won't flash = either led lights on trailer or a duff indicator flasher unit or a dead bulb on trailer.

if hazard flasher are on = vehicle indicator light on, hazard flasher red triangle light on + trailer indicator light on.

when hazard switch is ON the left/right indicator stalk has no affect, as all the indicators are in use as hazard warning,

check the earth points at each set of lights. & have a read of this thread http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=25376&hl=+hazard%20+switch

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