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Price to have hub seals changed

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Hi all

Put my 90 in to a sort of back street landrover specialist today to have hub seals changed on both axles.

Forgot to ask them how much it would be and I'm assuming they will only take cash so does anybody have a rough estimate as to what this will cost?

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Garages charge on average £40hr round here if they are not main dealers. Couple of hours work I would say. Cash only should mean it's cheaper I would guess.


A couple of hours for all four hubs? That would be a fast mechanic. I would guess more in the 4 to 8 hour range would be a more typical charge.

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Any garage with decent tech's,paying rent/rates etc - and trying to keep up with technology and stay within the law is going to need at least £40 + Vat to even stand still.Do not assume running a garage is a licence to print money,it isn't.

Along with changing your hub seals are they going to find noisy wheel bearings,ridged seal lands,worn drive members/shafts,worn pads/lings,leaky wheel cylinders or seized calipers? Plus the possibility of rounded or rusted caliper retaining bolts.There are allsorts of problems that may force up the labour bill.A decent garage who are familiar with the job should point these things out and give an idea of extra work/parts involved.Many early Defenders are now in very poor condition and even tidy looking later ones need some serious repairs to keep them up together and safe.

Book times,or a forum members opinion could mean very little to what the garage are actually faced with.

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I have just done mine along with everything else including new swivel seals etc Ended up replacing stub axle too bearing had collapsed and damaged it.

Until you start stripping things down you have no idea what to expect. I would have needed a second motgage if I had taken mine to a garage.

I also changed my brake caliper at same time.

Nice luxury getting someone else to do the work but sometimes jobs are not straight forward and costs can spiral add the labour on top and its ouch.

I don't know where abouts in the country you're based but on average I would agree with the above comments small garage will average £30 to £40 an hour labour.

Good luck

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You could give them a call before you go to collect it?

Ditto the above with regards not knowing whats in there until it's opened up, I once made the mistake of only buying a new seal only to end up doin the following......

Replace both caliper bolts that promptly rounded or sheared at the remote indication of pressure on the spanner.

Replace pads both sides as once I could better see them, there really wasn't much left!

Replace brake pipe as it was so corroded a large flake came away and leaked fluid just tying it up out of the way

Outer wheel bearing worn excessively, replace the pair on one side but just adjust the other.

Speedisleeve the stub axle where it was badly grooved and was the main reason for a mangled seal and would have eaten another new one within days!

I hope it is not too bad but had I, a) not had a very good mate with tons of spares to rescue me, and b) put it into a garage to be done, it could have been a bit of a disaster in both time and cost!

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