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Spot welding Alu - reasonably do-able.


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Well, it looks like this is within the reach of a serious hobby fixer, after all!

If you get a steel spot welder and sandwich the alu panels with steel strips a basic steel spot welder will do the job.

Youtube it.


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Now that is something I'm going to have to play with..... I've always done tig spot welds by drill one sheet with around a 3.5mm hole then tig weld a spot, catch is for what they are the pre-flow and post-flow on the argon is huge

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I'll have a go at when I get to the body I've got plans for a few extra pannels to tie to the outer skins on the front guards and replace the rear sides

This is still 6 months off at the speed i'm moving (and I'll have to modify a welder to increase the reach...)

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It would be very interesting to hear if this will work with LR alloy as this is going to help restorers?

I've used that technique on both vintage LR brimabright and whatever the modern LR alloy is.

I use a standard light duty 2.5kVA Miller unit and would probably work with a 1.5kVA model, by increasing the time.

Couple of tricks: try it on scraps first, so you don't end up with holes or ultra brittle points which will break at the first bit of stress. A small drop of clean oil on the spot welder tips will reduce the amount the insulators stick to the tongs/prongs of the spot welder. Try stainless steel between the tongs/prongs and the brimabright. Don't forget to document the settings for next time.

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