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Help new megasquirt install


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Hi I'm new to all this so please be gentle purchased a wonderful megasquirt kit from nigel with a diy ecu

Im tantalisingly close to firing the beast up but want to sort a few issues before i plug it in can't seem to get hold of nigel at the moment so thought I would throw myself at your mercy

1 i have a tach fix box but unsure where I should connect the tach input to ?

2 i want to run switchable tables as will be running lpg does the ecu need a mod and which pin would triger the change presumably with +12volt feed from lpg switch ?

3 is ecu ready to run the pwm ?

4 i have jumpers fitted to tsel-vrout and tachselect-vr in is this all that's required

5 from what i can gather r57 is left blank on pcb

6 lastly i have a component left over (bip373) can't find any information on this at all

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1. Not sure but if its an alternator driven tacho it wont work

2. Not sure on this but at a guess I would say it is 5v or ground to switch, not sure what pin though

3. Depends on what components you put on the board, it uses a bigger transistor (than the little half round ones) and will have a couple of jumper wires and a diode added

4. not sure but depends on setup

5. not sure

6. This is a direct coil driver, if you are using EDIS it isnt used

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1The tacho was driven off distrutor negative pulse before (white/black wire) this is now connected to tach out on tacho fix box just don't know where tach in shoud connect surely one of pins at edis but which one

2 this will have to wait i did ask for switchable tables and theres no component spaces left on board apart from r57

3 yes i saw the bigger transistor and diode in build manual but i orderd pwm at same time as ecu i have no spare transistor slots on heatsink so was assuming it was up there nigel said they were pwm ready or maybe thats the ones he gets built

4 im running nigels vr setup from what i can gather from manual i have the jumpers right

5 r 57 is left blank according to manual

6 im on edis so that helps

Thanks for your help dying to attemp firing the old girl up but never got base map for 3.5 v8 on my build cd has anyone got one ?

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1 No idea, probably the coils but I'd wait and ask Nige when he gets back.
2 The ECU does need a mod, if you didn't ask Nige for that then it won't have it. If you asked for it there should be some indication on the ECU or documents to show which pin is used etc. It would most likely be +12v to switch.
3 Yes, it should have the mod.
4 For what? Did you build this yourself or get it ready-built?
5 Yes, that and quite a few other things. See #4.
6 That's for driving a single coil, not applicable to an EDIS setup.

It sounds very much like you've built this yourself, in which case the answers are:

2 Yes it needs a mod, the rest depends on what mod you make.
3 If you build it as such, it needs a mod over the standard kit.
4 No. You need mods for EDIS.
5 Did you check what you should do for the setup you're trying to run or did you just solder everything in?

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The ecu was a self build nigels instructions are excellent for the install but never got any for the ecu build so dowloaded build manual and basically fitted everything but r57 and bip373 to be honest im at the end of my tether with building ecu with no help ( my own fault was hoping to gain a better understanding of how they work ) i just want to plug it in now and attempt to start it is there anyone on here that i can pay to do mods and put a base map on nigel has a guy that builds them for him but i never got chance to get his number

Thanks for all your yet again

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Ooops !

Hiya Chap.

No, there are no instructions from me on how to BUILD a ECU, I wouldn't have a F clue ! - mine are all buuilt up for me by a Grown up with his magic wand of wonder :D

I can send you a base map via email - no probs, just email me megasquirt.v8@gmail.com

As to the spec / build and Qs on ECU builds, "pass" my cat would prob be better to ask :D

But ...MSQ Base map no probs


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Haha i need a huge magic wand not confident enough to start swoping and changing componants round do you have some contact details for your magician ?

The kit as whole is awesome by the way

There is a discrepancy in the build instructions with coil pack wiring a& b conections are back to front in description according to all the wiring diagrams and i do have coil pack release tags to bottom checked it several times and got a friend to double check c&d are fine so went with diagram will see when i get ecu sorted


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Well the bad news is you're going to have to backtrack a fair way before you can even think about connecting that ECU to a vehicle.

Let's start at the beginning:

You have an ECU kit from Nige, so that's a V3 board.

Question 1: Are you wanting to run EDIS + PWM idle valve?

Question 2: What build process did you follow - what (if any) mods did you make?

Question 3: Post a clear photo of BOTH sides of the board that you've built so we can see where you are with it.

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Traka2015, this bloke ^ (FridgeFreezer) knows which end of the iron is hot, listen to him, he has built lots of them.

PS update your profile information so people can see where you are, you never know which experts are around the corner from you.

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Right yes will be running edis pwm twin ignition tables for lpg and a a tach fix box all from nige

Built ecu as per Megasquirt instructions fitted every component barr bip whatever it was and r57 fitted two jumpers for vr and tachselct ill get some pictures on tonight but board is basically full

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Shouldnt those components on the heat sink with metal packages all have an insulation washer and bush or plastic screws? That doesnt look like you have the PWM control fitted either

Not the best picture but the PWM transistor is the far right one on the heat sink with the jumper wires back onto the board


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I could manage the pwm mod I think but then there's my other issues and the fact that i will have a lot more componants on the board than you is it going to cause a problem leaving them on also I allready have a transitor top right is this no needed on our installs

To be honest if i cant get sombody to modify my ecu to what i need im going to have to bite the bullit and buy another one ready built with mods i need as its holding project up and i need to put paying jobs in its place the joys of being self employed im afraid

Thanks for the picture it confirms that i was wrong to assume the kit i got was everything i needed

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One possiblity is you send it to me and I'll see if the Guru Mit waving hot irony thing can sort it out ....

Sometimes (had this prev) sorting it out can take longer than a full build from new, and if the board has major hacking done to it there could be the risk of it being damaged, but worth a lookie ?

Let me know


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Mine is MS II so a bit different, the other thing that helped me as I built mine for a different engine a long time ago and had to do some mods on it was to look at the actual schemaitcs for each 'small' chunk of the circuit, if you do that it is really a pretty simple bit of electronics.

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New problem now im afraid got my modified ecu back from nigel all tested and working pluged it into my motor and laptop

Won't run i have spark so assuming vr wiring correct way round injectors have power but no pulse injector led is not flashing on ecu and megatune shows no rpm going to look at pip signal to ms tomorrow unless anyone can suggest anything else

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Tried vr wiring other way round no spark so that was ok put it back other way got spark and 100rpm on megatune rpm sensor when cranking but injectors and led still not getting pulse checked pip signal with oscilloscope got a good square 0v - 12v signal

Disconnected megasquirt briged fuel pump relay out shorted injector pins at ecu end to ground momenterally whilst cranking and she runs breafly messed around with tps incase that was bringing flood control in but still no pulse

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