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Is my diagnosis right ?

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Hogmoor - today - last ever use of the site :(

Gearbox / clutch / enagment issue.

By 11..00 having probs enagaging ANY gear at all, clutch pushed down but gearbox would not select anything (Had been having "Some beans" so paddle clutch was hot

Could start it in gear clutch down, all ok, clutch up and away - 99% couldn't change gear

3 4 5th easier to get i9nto than 1 2 or R

Transfer box in neutral all gears easy selcted 1 2 3 4 5 R

High or low with or without diff lock - back to issue.

Drove home....if very veru easy on the BHP could sometimes change gear / sometimes crunch ....

give it beans and NOPE holds onto whatever gear its it.

Cluch fuild is not clear little bit black ?

So clutch master / slave

Or any other ideas ?

Nige (Bugger)

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You need a new auto ;)

You could have water in the oil, but black oil usually means it's time for both parts. Especially if they have any age.

The lack of air flow off road is hard on the rubber parts of a hydraulic clutch.

(Hard on everything)

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Clutch fluid is how old?

I do brake and clutch every two years, sounds like yours is old, absorbed water and boiling during use, as it boils, water expands, turns to steam that then absorbs any pressure you put in through the clutch pedal.

If I were you it'd be a new master and slave with thorough rinsing through of clutch line of old tainted fluid.

PS, nothing in a blue box he ;)

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some years ago I had a radial split in the flywheel after getting it rather hot. Symptoms where when reving the engine the crack opened and the clutch would not disengage. Under light load the clutch was fine.

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