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I have a compressor in my garage to power air tools and it has decided to fail on me.

I spent some time yesterday testing the electrics but only made slight progress. After wiring in a new feed the compressor started to fire up and immediately died. I an not too sure if it is electrical or mechanical but certainly the drive belt turns reasonably refeely so I am guessing it is electrical.

Can anyone give me pointers?

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Then yes, you should be able to find matching unit on Ebay, it's just unions, and 4 wires.

You may find that it's just dirty contacts, so be worth looking at it by disassembling before deciding to replace.

Start capacitors can be temperamental things though...

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Ok so now I have the new pressure switch only to find that the feed pipe in the bottom has a smaller thread than the one that was on. Can I get an adapter or do I need a different pressure switch?

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It may not be electrical; compressors usually have a check (non-return) valve at the point where the air is pumped into the tank. When the compressor stops, there is usually some way of removing the pressure in the delivery pipe, the air in the tank can't escape because of the check valve. When the pump starts, it's not starting against tank pressure. If that check valve sticks, or the unloader mechanism (often part of the pressure switch) fails, it tries to start against the residual pressure in the pipe, and that can be a challenge to some motors. I have discovered my compressor has a permanent capacitor motor, ie no start cap, and relies on this to get going. If it doesn't unload properly, when it comes to start it tries for a moment then trips the starter.

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