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Steering box drop arm removal

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As part of my MOT failure list the oil leaking from my steering box needed addressing. I could have gone for the cheap option of replacing seals but as I don't know how long the box has been on and the general condition of the other components, I decided to replace it.

Two options one get a second hand unit around £75 to £80 which all seem to have the same description funny enough " in good working order no leaks" but also have the comments "NO returns accepted".

I ruled out buying new purely because of cost. So next option was a reconditioned box with 24 month warranty at £180, as I am intending to keep the old girl thought it was worth the expense.

Sat down to read how to remove the old box and replace, seemed pretty straight forward, even I could manage it without too much support or advice until I got to the drag link arm removal.

Apparently I require a specialised puller to remove it, typical.

I checked and the reconditioned unit does not come with one fitted, so it's got to come off !

Next possible problem is there are 2 different variants of box 3 and 4 bolt. One gives more turns than the other got that much, typically mine is a 4 bolt so hopefully when replacement box comes today its the same.

I have no intention of buying a special tool just to remove the drop arm (wife already considering divorce after all the money I have spent in last 12 month on parts and tools).

Is there any tips for removing this stubborn/awkward item without a specialist puller or should I go to my nearest land rover garage and get them to remove it for me.

Any advice as usual will be greatly appreciated.

Regards Ian

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With the steering box still on the car and the wheels still on the ground try loosening the retaining nut a turn and rock the steering last to right. Sometimes the arm will free off the splines.

Failing that don't mess about just take the box to a local garage and get them to pull it off, should only charge a tenner or so for cash.

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I have done this several times now. In my experience, none of the "off the shelf" pullers will work (unless you are very lucky). A friend made a puller from some very large box section, serious welding and a very large bolt to apply the pressure. Even with that we found that we had to remove a few of the top bolts to get the puller fully under. It can be a very frustrating task. You could save time (and it may not cost that much) to let your local LR dealer split them for you.



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i did mine with a cheap puller,

lots of penetrating spray week in advance

set on puller and wind up tight but not insanely tight

tap drag link with a hammer all round

wind puller up a bit

repeat tapping,

wind puller another quarter turn or so

repeat above

this did take about 45 mins and for the love of god keep all body parts clear as when mine came off and hit floor it was flying,

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I'd just buy a new drop arm complete with ball joint and put it onto the 'new' box.

I bought an Adwest one a while back, don't remember it being earth-shatteringly expensive.

What James said ^^^

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