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Noisy 2002 Td5 Fuel pump

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My old fuel pump became very noisy about a year ago so I replaced the pump with a new non-genuine pump but the noise remained just as bad. Since then I have replaced the fuel filter, injector seals, harness and fuel pressure regulator but the pump still sounds like a cat going through a mangle. Maybe I should have bought a genuine pump but I'm not convinced that this is the issue.

Can anyone offer any suggestions on what I could do to try to resolve this as it's really getting to be a pain. I have enough whining in my ears from tinitus without this as well!

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LR didnt make replacement parts, they are made by the OEM(original equipment manufacturers) but those dedicated to be Genuine(with the LR label) are made by best materials and better quality... those named OEM are made by the same reliable manufacturer but not to the same high standards if you see what i mean and AFAIK VDO is OEM for the Td5 pump

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I bought a TD5 which "just had a new pump fitted guv'ner"

First drive home it was as noisy as hell and the fuel gauge seemed to drop like a stone and then stabilise at 1/4 full.

Rang the seller and he assured me he had really just fitted a brand new pump from that reputable after sales company known as Britpart.

I lived with it for a few months but it drove me crazy so eventually bought a VDO one and it cured the noise and the fuel gauge probs in one.

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I thought I'd resurrect this thread just to add that I've just installed a new VDO fuel pump and the Discovery is once more silent. Gone is the incessent scream of the old cheap fuel pump, a sound like air being squeezed out of a baloon. It just goes to show that you get what you pay for. Mind you, even the VDO pump only cost me UKP150 or NZ$360 which is still about NZ$650 less than my local dealer wanted. Thief.

On a seperate point, I have just replaced the oil centrifuge as part of the service and I note that the new Bearmach unit whines quite loudly when the engine is switched off. Anyone else come across this?

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