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Is this oil leak my front pionion oil seal?

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I recently replaced the oil in the front diff. After a longish drive this w/e I noticed a new oil drip on the drive. On closer inspection it appears to be coming from where the prop shaft mates with the front diff. - see attached photos.

So I think I need a new oil seal. However I have read somewhere, on here I think but can't find the thread now when I need it, that there are a number of different oil seals depending on if the axle builder was Bill or Ted on the day! ;-)

The vehicle is a 1989 110 and it's the front diff that is leaking.

Do I need FRC8220 or is there another one I should be looking for?

As always any help is much appreciated.



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...and the answer is no it was the breather.

The whole thing was full of crud and the little ball and the bottom in the banjo was seized solid. A liberal dosing of plusgas, and gentle tap with a hammer, a fine file and it's all back together and working again. Just need to take it for a test drive and make sure it was that and not that AND the seal! (There is no breather pipe on the front axle, there is on the rear. So that's something else to add to the list of things. Ho hum never ends...)


Rich T

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