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Defender TD5 Long Range Fuel Tanks

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Dear all,

Sorry but it's been absolute yonks since I've been on here. I've moved back from the Channel Islands (no they aren’t tax havens and no I aint a millionaire) to Scotland (no it aint cold either).

Mileage on my 2004 Defender TD5 90 XS will start to go up. That I'm not bothered about but the fuel consumption is. Not being a recent lottery winner, a member of the Royal family or for that matter a member of any other extremely rich family, I need to watch how much fuel is being used.

I've thought about just carrying 3 - 4 20lt jerry cans but insurance companies are now very twitchy about that idea particularly inside plus of course the smell of diesel inside. I have a Hannibal roof rack and yes I could quite easily store/carry them up there but then I'm adding weight to the roof area that will also affect the centre of gravity/roll plus getting them up and down off the roof with only 2 small boys would be very difficult.

I will be doing quite a bit of mileage over the summer holidays with my sons visiting as many places as possible plus there is a possibility of an extended road trip in the future, so having the ability to store additional fuel without taking up cabin or roof rack space would be nice.

There are long range fuel tanks for 110 where you can replace the existing with one of a larger capacity but none available for the 90.

Safari-Equip offer for sale under body sill mounted long range tanks, right and left hand side in steel or stainless steel with black powder coating.

I'm interested in fitting both adding an additional 90lt.

Yes expensive to fill to the top but the distance between fills would out way that.

1st of all has anyone fitted these?

How do they work?

How do you fill them?

Do they fill from the main tank and then transfer back automatically?

How do you monitor the fuel level in each?

I’m expecting a few smart ass replies as usual, that’s expected and let’s be honest about it help make the world go round, everyone needs a laugh.

Any help or advice on this matter would be gratefully accepted.

Hope no one suffers too much with the heat.

Thank guys and girls.

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If mine is anything to go by, then around 350 miles.

Not everyone drives as slow as you matey ... :)

I get around 300 ish per tank... Averaging 27 mpg but if I'm good and trundle at 60 it tops out around 31 mpg...

Average fill around 44 - 48 litres


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If I’m lucky about the same as V8 Freak. Average 250 - 300 to a tank. Average fill about 45 - 50lt

I've looked at other systems. Some go inside and sit on the wheel tubs, well that would be no good given it’s an XS with inward facing seats...

I've also looked at others that are located inside the rear wheel arch. I can't see the sense in that because anything other than bumpy roads and you're stuffed for wheel travel.

The Safari-Equip ones fit under the floor between the chassis rails if I'm correct. If I do decide to be a wee bit adventurous they could be plated over for protection or similar.

Fitting both would give an additional 90lt over and above the existing 60lt fuel tank giving me 150lt

That would give me a range of about 625 - 750, depending on how heavy footed I was.

This summer will be driving around the far north of Scotland (beyond Inverness).

The extended road trip would be down through England across to France. Down to Spain. Top end of Spain, south of France across to the top of Italy then depending on time back up through Austria, It's not decided yet but we might turn south again and go down toward Greece. If not back up across Germany possibly into Denmark.

From there it would be either back down through Germany, Belgium, and France then through the tunnel and then back up to Scotland. Failing that it might be a case of getting a ferry from Denmark over to Newcastle then back up to Scotland.

6 - 8 weeks should do it. We'll rough it when needed but you can get cheap digs, hostels etc.

The roof rack would be primarily for the luggage.

Still undecided how to utilise the inward facing rear seats, lose one side or keep the ones behind the front seats.

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We've just been to northern portugal and to be honest you don't need any more range in your tank...

You've got to take a rest at some point and a tank, even on the Motorways, lasts 4 hours+ so rest when you re-fill. There are stations in every town and on all "major" roads... We even had a truck running on LPG/GPL and they had no issues getting fuel....

Do you really need the range?


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I too think you would probably be better spending the money on a good service.... you don't save fuel by carrying more, it costs you fuel by carrying all that extra weight around!

90l ~ 75Kg of fuel plus the weight of tank and any under body armour required, so say you've added 100KG to the weight of your truck, not good! Not to mention reducing what you can carry by 100KG as well, doing a trip like that you may want to carry a few other things....

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Aye, I'm puzzled by your logic too. Carrying more weight doesn't save you any fuel. If it were me and I was concerned on certain legs of my trip I'd carry an empty 20Ltr jerrycan on the roof as a 'just in case' and fill it when I thought it warranted it, and plan to refill the main tank whenever I could.

(Unless you've already got one) for the cost of that additional tank you could probably get a compressor fridge which will be of more use during your trip, and for many more over the years to come.

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As v8freak says, I'm puzzled why you feel the need to carry so much fuel. You really are never far from a fuel station and speaking from experience you can venture as fast as the northern Sahara without the need for additional fuel being carried. They're are far more useful things that can be carried instead.


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Just thinking a bit more - one other option which might give you flexibility is Rotopax containers. They can be fitted to the roof rack, bolted inside low down, tucked behind seats, even fastened onto the outside, or anywhere else that takes your fancy and is safe.

EDIT: PS only thing is the cost. (But you can 'take them with you' when you (if you) change vehicles.

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Carrying more can save you quite a bit , I just did a trip thru Europe , filled up in Luxembourg at about E1.07 next fill was Czech at E1.15 that got me back home germany was E1.3 and UK E1.7 ( all prices per litre) I carry 172 litres in tanks which is probably the same as a couple of children

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WOW, thanks for the advice.

About servicing, thats done well before the Land Rover service schedule so it's not down to that. Having been in the motor industry working at dealers etc it got ingrained to have a service done well in time and especially on anything with a turbo. I saw too many vehicles that went without services get ruined.

Been down the route of carrying empty and full jerry cans. Like I said earlier, Yes I have a Hannibal roof rack and can easily carry jerry cans aloft but I'll be with 2 children and at the time would be 12 and 8, so I'de need to do the lifting of them alone and getting them down.

Rotapax containers look quite good, not seen these before, I'll look into that.

It was just an idea.

Thank again

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