1960 Austin Gipsy Resurrection

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I went to a property here 18 months ago where the owner bought up all the spares that the Aus Army were offloading when they went to Land rovers for their vehicles, he has crate upon crate of new diffs, gearboxes and transfers, engines all wrapped up in greased paper and crated in transport ready crates.

 He also had at least 12 complete vehicles in various states of neglect and running.

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Years back in the days of The Japanese Off Road Club and the Adam Jenkins Challenge, I used to be the clerk of course; our recovery chaps were all from the Gypsy Register. Wonderful made bunch of eccentrics. 3.8 Perkins lumps out of JCB's, front and rear mechanical winches off Q9's or White's half tracks. Additional T boxes...  Great blokes 

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