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4 bolt Steering box recommendations

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My 1989 110 CSW got an MOT pass on Thursday but I had my card marked for later in the year as the steering box is getting leaky.

As I have had horrible experiences in the past, does anyone have a recommendation for a replacement bit at a sensible price?

(My local parts refurbishers are not on my personal approved list of replacement suppliers - too many warranty replacements).

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As Ross said.. Go Adwest and buy new....

No way to determine if a "re-conditioned" unit has just been painted and sold....

Why muck around with very important parts of your vehicle. Always go quality on things that matter like brakes, steering etc.

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I bought a "quality recon" one which gave me years of bother, steering imprecise, increased tyre wear, and general hassle as I tried to steer what felt like a landbarge. Box finally gave up and I bought the real thing from Adwest (via Paddocks I think) and it transformed steering - straight line travel was easy, no shimmying about, wish I'd got it earlier.

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A new Adwest box in a Britpart box cost about £390 from paddocks. I tried to order directly from Adwest but they were unable to process individual orders due to demand at the time. They put me on to the Britpart item and sure enough it had an Adwest plate on it.

My experience of steering boxes is that they are not easily refurbishable and that new replacement is the only sensible answer.



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